March 20, 2018




At a glance:

  • Modern articulated robot with handling gripper for workpieces up to 12 kg.
  • Shop trolley with patented vice storage.
  • 2 Different types with a capacity of 30 (part size max. 120 x 120 x 100 mm) and 42 (part size max. 120 x 100 x 70 mm).
  • Automated entry system for shop trolley.
  • Small space requirements from 1.70 m x 2.20 mm.
  • Self-explanatory operation control with touch panel. Individual NC programs of the machine tool can be assigned to each trolley


Robo•Trex Applications: 

  • The Robo•Trex automation system can be attached to existing machine tools. It communicates with the machine tool via one acknowledgeable M-function. Loading is done through the machine door or an integrated side window.
  • Optionally the Robo•Trex system is available with 4 shop trolleys. Thereby the storage capacity increases to 120/168 vices depending on the part size. The maximum space requirement is listed as 2.20 x 3.70 m.
  • The patented, edgewise mounting of the Makro•Grip® Robo ensures maximum utilization of space. The perfect accessibility to the clamping device allows exchanging workpieces, without taking the vice out. The clamping of parts with excess witdh is also conceivable by occupancy of e.g. every other storage space.
  • For the special storage on the trolley and for the gripping through the handling robot, clamping grooves are applied on both lateral sides of the Makro•Grip® Robo 77. In between is a practical swarf and coolant drain.