March 11, 2013

Grip-Fix stamping technology


5 seconds that will revolutionise your manufacturing processes!

The patented stamping technology from LANG guarantees the highest holding forces worldwide. The crucial step therefore is the pre-stamping process before the workpiece will be clamped form-closed in a vice.

With a stamping-unit indentions are pressed into the blank with a pressure up to 20 tons. This holding contour can be conducted directly on the saw cut or the scale surface and lasts only 5 seconds. So the preparatory work is reduced to an absolute minimum.
All materials like steel, aluminium, copper, brass or plastics can be stamped without any problems. Even for high-tensile materials like Stainless steel or Titanium we can provide appropriate stamping jaws.

The indentions in the workpiece create together with the Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vices the perfect form-closed clamping solution which aims to minimises clamping pressure but simultaneously increases holding power!

Moreover the parts can be clamped in the vices quickly and with best repeatability which saves considerable time and helps to cut non-productive time.
The sophisticated stamping technology will also revolutionise your manufacturing processes – let us persuade you!

Amenities at a glance:

  • Enormous material savings due to a minimised clamping rim (only 3mm)
  • No material deformation during clamping thanks to form-closed holding technology
  • Nearly no wear at the vice due to low clamping pressures (realised by form-closure technology)
  • Special shape of the holding contour allows high repeatability of <0.01mm
  • Considerable savings of set-up time because stamping can be conducted directly on the saw cut or the scale layer without any preparation.


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