March 11, 2013

Macro Grip Centre Vices

makro-vice - Lang Workholding Systems

Clamping with Grip:
One vice – many clamping options!
5-face machining at the highest level!

Whether blanks, finished or profile parts – with Makro-Grip centre vices you can cover numerous applications. Four jaw types with only one base body make him one of the most flexible vices of his kind.

With the holding tooth contour of the Makro-Grip jaws in combination with the Grip-Fix stamping technology your blank is clamped securely and firmly – even at a clamping depth of only 3mm! After having machined 5 sides of the work piece, the jaws are also perfectly suited for the machining of the 6th side.

You would like to clamp several work pieces with only one vice? Then just convert your existing Makro-Grip into a Twin-Grip dual-clamping vice! By exchanging the centre piece and spindle of your existing Makro-Grip with a Twin-Grip middle jaw and the respective spindle you are now able to clamp at least 2 work pieces.

Do have to machine round or bulky parts? For this we recommend the Makro-Grip profile clamping vice. Soft add-on jaws, where you can mill into your favoured profiles, are mounted to the hardened base jaws very simple and accurately. And the best thing about it is: Buy the base jaws only once and machine the soft add-on jaws by yourself cost-efficiently.

For semi-finished or finished parts the Vario-Tec system is a good choice. Work pieces can be fixed and clamped with high repeat-ability and without the use of endstops or parallels.


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