March 11, 2013

Makro-Grip® precision vices

Macro Grip Precision Vices

Since October 2012 the precision vices Avanti and Vario are a new addition to the series of the Makro•Grip® centering vices. Whereas the 5-axis centering vice with the Grip-Fix form-closure technology is more for the unfinished parts, the 2 precision vices are best used for machining the last side (sixth side) of the work-piece  This way there is a Lang Makro•Grip® vice to cover all of the tasks of milling.

As the name precision vice already indicates, special attention in the development was put into the improvement of the jaw guide-rail  Through an optimized manufacturing process we were able to minimize the lift characteristics of the jaws, increase the fitting accuracy of the jaws and reduce the centering accuracy to 0.01mm.


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