March 11, 2013

Quick-Point® zero-point clamping


Simple, highly precise and with a pull-down force of 6,000 kg!

With just 27 mm height Quick-Point® is the lowest 0-point system on the market. In combination with the clamping studs Quick-Point® provides various possibilities to clamp your clamping devices, fixtures or workpieces.

Moreover it is of course the ideal fixture for our centring vices – hence both products are the perfect package for an advanced 5-face machining.
The simple mechanical actuation by just one screw guarantees quick changeover of your clamping devices which finally reduces non-productive downtime of your machine-tool.

The high repeat accuracy of better than 0.005 mm guarantees consistent quality of your manufactured parts.
With a pull-down force of 6 tons even larger fixtures can be clamped securely and accurately without any risks.

Advantages in brief:

  • Highly precise with repeat accuracy <0.005 mm
  • With 27mm height the lowes 0-point system on market
  • Simple and robust mechanical function
  • Manual actuation by just one screw
  • Provides highly flexible applications because clamping studs can be mounted easily to other vices, fixtures and workpieces
  • Individual pneumatic or hydraulic actuation possible on request

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